Magazyn Muzyczny


Magazyn Muzyczny means "Music Magazine". It was a successor of the long-running Jazz
In 1980 Jazz was retitled as Magazyn Muzyczny Jazz. The professional musicians magazine was transformed into colorful magazine for young people. Later in 1984 "Jazz" was removed from the title. Ceased in October 1991. ISSN 0239-6904

1987 July

No. 7 Issue 341

On page 27 is announced that The Real Frank Zappa Book is in preparation.



1988 June

No. 6 Issue 352

Pokolenie '68 (Generation '68)
By Jerzy A. Rzewuski, pp 12-15

Kompaktowy Zappa
(Zappa on CDs)
By Wiesław Weiss, p 15 



1988 July

No. 7 Issue 353

There is a picture of FZ on page 3 and short news on the upcoming album Guitar on page 4.



1989 July

No. 7 Issue 365

Muzyczne książki. Frank Zappa
By Paweł Kolasa, p 19

1991 October

No. 10 Issue 392


Rockowy Trójkąt (Rock triangle)
By Roman Rogowiecki, p 11