Magyar Ifjúság


The main forums of popular music journalism during the Kádár-era [Communist era] – before or after 1972 alike – were the three major nationwide youth magazines: Magyar Ifjúság (Hungarian Youth), Ifjúsági Magazin (Youth Magazine) and Világ Ifjúsága (Youth of the World). (Popular Music in Eastern Europe: Breaking the Cold War Paradigm)
Magyar Ifjúság was published weekly from January 5, 1957 to May 26, 1989. ISSN 0460-5551

1971 December 10

Vol. 15 No. 50


Zappa cécó (Zappa's merrymaking)
By ?, p 20

 Automatic translation: Frank Zappa is a well-known genius of the pop world. Now, as he called it, he has put together an interesting little "fun": he made a two-hour surrealist-style musical film called "200 Motel", in which Frank Zappa's character is personified by Ringó Starr, the ex-drummer of the former Beatles. Zappa is currently in Stockholm for the premiere of the film, but he also has his band with him, the "Mothers of Invention" group, which gives several concerts in the Swedish capital.



1977 April 29

Vol. 21 No. 17


Csinos fiú (Pretty boy)
By ?, p 63

 Automatic translation: Pretty boy - a name is hardly attached to the young man shown here, but he doesn't need one, since (perhaps some of you recognize him) he is Frank Zappa, the famous pop star. Zappa and his group, the Mothers, are currently performing in Oslo.



1982 December 10

Vol. 26 No. 50


Zappa: Soha többé Európába... (Zappa: Never again to Europe...)
By sch, p 53

 Automatic translation: When Frank Zappa toured Europe for the first time with the Mothers of Invention in the 1960s, he achieved enormous success as the "eccentric bastard of rock" and a relentless critic of the American way of life. Later, Zappa often returned to the old world, where the refineries of his rock compositions were always admired.

Now, however, the star has declared that he never wants to come to Europe again... "The anti-American sentiments that are showing up more and more everywhere are a serious emotional burden for me, and the tour costs have also increased very strongly," he told the American magazine Billboard about the reasons for his decision. Hardly coincidental, his determination coincided exactly with his first major American record success after so many years. The title of the record is rather long: Shipe Arriving Too Late Save A Drowning Witch. Perhaps, in this title, Zappa feels sorry for himself, as the ship of success in the United States came too late to save him. But it came. so now Zappa is leaving Europe: he no longer needs the Old World market. And certainly not for its main attraction so far, the anti-American critical tone. It seems that the rock freak will "come to terms".



1988 June 24

Vol. 32 No. 36


Becsben. Szemtöl szemben a maestróval (In Vienna. Face to face with the maestro)
By Jenö Gerendy, p 22

 Automatic translation: He's forty-eight years old, has a slight beer belly, is graying and a little bald. Dear old bohemian. Who would have guessed that he is the mastermind of rock? Not too tall, not too energetic, rather so simple, gentle, so normal. (Awful to say!) Of course I started yelling as he came out on stage. How? “Frank, Frank – and I showed the Vs; this is the moment of victory – here I am twenty meters from you!" Because the moment is truly euphoric. For the first time in my life, at a Zappa concert, face to face (well, that's an exaggeration, anyway) with the maestro. (read more)