Mai Nap


Mai Nap (meaning Today's Day in English) was a tabloid newspaper published daily in Budapest, Hungary. It began publishing early in the country's post-communist era. It was in circulation between 1989 and 2005. (wikipedia)

1991 July 2


Lennonal és Zappával búcsúzkodtunk (We said goodbye to Lennon and Zappa)
By ?, p 11

 Article about the concerts and events of the summer of 1991. Zappa's performance at the Tabán festival has only been briefly mentioned.



1991 July 8


Znek dedikált (Dedicated to Z)
By p. l., p 11

 Automatic translation: Frank Zappa has many and loyal fans in Hungary. In any case, one of them is Dr. Csaba Dézsi is a doctor from Győr who published a book about the eccentric American rock star back in 1989. However, he was only able to personally meet the protagonist of his book a few days ago, when Zappa visited the Hungarian capital as a guest of the Budapest farewell events. (read more)