Music Technology


Electronics & Music Maker was being published in 80s by Music Maker Publications (other music magazines of this group were Guitarist, Rhythm and Hip Hop Connection). It later changed its name to Music Technology, and finally it became The Mix. There was also US edition of the magazine.

1987 February

Vol. 1 No. 4


Father Of Invention
Interview by Rick Davies, pp 42, 45, 48-50

"I did another interview this morning for USA Today, or somebody who was doing a wrap-up. Every time somebody wants an opposing point of view, they call me up. Unfortunately, they do call to get an opposing point of view, because before I started doing it, there was no opposition. The record companies didn't oppose it at all. I do at least one interview a week on the PMRC, and some weeks five."

One thing is for certain: Frank Zappa's music has not weakened. Perhaps the eighties' flood of fashion and sound production has made some of his music stand out less than it used to, but his latest album, Jazz From Hell, shows that even his sequencer chops are beyond the range of most synth programmers, and recordings such as 'Massaggio Galore' feature some of the most challenging music to emerge from his home-based recording studio. Considering the PMRC's warnings of satanic messages in rock music, the album's title seems a bit ironic. Is that, in fact, the case?

"No. You know the expression: If there's somebody in show-business and he's an asshole, he can be referred to as an Entertainer from Hell. It arrived from that type of concept. This is it. If this is Jazz, then it's Jazz From Hell." (read more)

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