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Music & Media was a pan-European magazine for radio, music and entertainment. It was published for the first time in 1984 as Eurotipsheet, but in 1986 it changed name to Music & Media. It was originally based in Amsterdam, but later moved to London. The magazine focused specifically on radio, TV, music, charts and related areas of entertainment such as music festivals and events. Music & Media ceased in August 2003. Music & Media was the sister publication of Billboard magazine. (wikipedia)

1989 April 22


Zappa Plans World Orchestra
By Cathy Inglis, p 3

 Frank Zappa's company, Why Not, is planning to recruit a World Orchestra to perform at the World Expo 92 in Seville. Zappa, "I hope to have 12 musicians by the end of the year. The idea is that they should be ethnic musicians able to read music - no easy task.

"Our first move will be to film a video to give the artists pre-promotion prior to exposure. They will then perform occasional concerts at smaller festivals. And after that I will recruit a backing orchestra of either 40 or 80 musicians and by late 1990 we will record an LP."

Zappa is inviting composers around the world to compose five to eight minute classical pieces. but the initial concerts will also include a strong element of popular music - some of which may be accompanied by lyrics.