Since 1958, Muzsika was a Hungarian leading classical music journal, published monthly. The last printed edition appeared in December 2018.

1995 February

Vol. 38 No. 2


Új zene késő este (New music late at night)
By Zoltán Farkas, pp 31-22

Automatic translation: As we read in the program booklet, in the summer of 1993, Eötvös collaborated with the famous rock musician, who was the director of the recording, on the recording of a Varése record. A few weeks after the work was completed, the fifty-three-year-old Zappa died of cancer. Eötvös himself formulated the essence of the "psalm" protesting Zappa's death as briefly as possible: "Lord, what have you done!". (read more)



2008 May

Vol. 51 No. 5


"Amerikába mindenki jött valahonnan" Kent Nagano Bedapesten
("Everyone came to America from somewhere" Kent Nagano in Budapest)
By László Győri, pp 13-14

Automatic translation: [...] When I was still a student in Paris with Pierre Boulez, I learned that Boulez was conducting one of Zappa's works. This surprised me a lot, I did not think that Boulez was interested in this music. I contacted Zappa's agent and asked how I could get Zappa's scores. I got a lot of sheet music and we got in touch. I was still studying at the time, and Zappa helped me a lot, so to speak, he sponsored me. He took me to the symphony orchestra that played his works – I'm still in touch with the orchestra – he introduced me, and he was the first to give me the opportunity to make a professional recording. I received a lot of help from him, which greatly advanced my career. By the way, I was far from alone in this: Zappa supported many young people, jazz, serious and rock musicians, filmmakers whom he found talented. He gave many people their first professional opportunity. I am still in touch with his family, and although I haven't conducted his music in quite some time, I will always think of him with gratitude. [...]