Nouvelle Revue de Lausanne / NRL


Created in 1868 under the title La Revue. In 1946, it took the name Nouvelle Revue de Lausanne, colloquially NRL. Due to financial difficulties, the daily had to become a weekly in October 1991 (Nouvelle Revue Hebdo; Nouvelle revue et journal politique in 1994), then a monthly in 1997 (Nouvelle revue from 2005). Ceased in 2012. (Notrehistoire)

Automatic translation: Last Sunday in Wetzikon, we were in the middle of German-speaking territory for the concert which brought together Nektar and Frank Zappa. Organization “in German Switzerland” therefore: this is the first time that I have seen a concert start before the scheduled time! Which, moreover, allowed me to miss the beginning. Let's go... (read more)