Italian monthly rock magazine. First issue published in November 1987. This magazine pays attention to collecting records. It closed in March 2013 , when Fernando Fratarcangeli, the director, founded the magazine Raropiù with a new company, identical in graphics and contents. (wikipedia)

1990 March/April

No. 8


Frank Vincent Zappa
Preistoria di un mito

By Maurizio Follin, pp 16-20

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1998 May

No. 89


Regole di un Genio
Ryko: cd promo, advanxed & paraphernalia
By Roberto Ruggeri, pp 4-9

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2005 February

No. 163


The Mothers Of Invention - Cover Art - Burnt Weeny Sandwich
By Nicola M. Spagnoli, pp 72-73

 Google translate: The disc, released immediately after Frank Zappa's jazz-rock consecration with Hot Rats in February 1970, which practically obscures it completely, contains material from the previous two years and can be considered a summa of past "Zappian" art and (why not ) future. Not considered too much either by critics or by the public, who had given the right emphasis especially to the previous doubles Freak Out ('66) and Uncle Meat ('69), it instead contains small masterpieces first of all of the most typical style of Zappa, as in the initial and final doo-wop of WPLJ and Valarie, including very long instrumental pieces (22 minutes) and others that are shorter, indeed very short (two of a few seconds). (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore


2006 January

No. 173


Frank Zappa
Discografia USA 1966-1970

By Mauro Malaguti, pp 4-9

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2012 October

No. 247


Frank Zappa
Le rarità mondiali

By Alessandro Pomponi, pp 4-11, 79

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