Tempi Dispari


Very interesting glossy Italian rock & related magazine (1998-2003). Main focus on rock history through articles on important & more obscure artists/groups + record label profiles etc. (rojaro)

1998 September

No. 00

Un pomeriggio di mezza estate a casa di Frank Zappa
By Guido Harari, pp 8-17

The interview was made at Zappa's house in April 1982.

Automatic translation: The rendezvous is in the sorcerer's den at five o'clock on a rainy April afternoon. Zappa rarely goes out, preferring to handle all the business at home with the help of a secretary, Susan, and his ubiquitous wife Gail. She opens the gate for me and "Hi, Frank just woke up and he'll be down any minute." (read more)



1998 November

No. 1

Frank Zappa "Mystery Disc"
By Marco Grompi, pp 8-17

  Automatic translation: When Frank Zappa around the mid-80s assembled the two Old Masters retrospective boxes, he thought it best to give his fans as a bonus as many LPs entitled Mystery Discs containing remnants, rarities, trifles, jewels, nonsense, jam sessions, studio rehearsals, outtakes and other amenities. Today those 78 minutes reappear for the sake of completeness in this single CD which aims to complete the complete Zappian opera reordered in recent years by Rykodisc. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore