Apu (Help) is a Finnish weekly family magazine. Established in 1933, during a recession to help the unemployed persons, who where its exclusive resellers, hence its name meaning "help" in Finnish. (wikipedia)

1974 September 27

No. 39

Frank Zappa poltti näppinsä Suomesssa
(Frank Zappa burned his fingers in Finland)
By Raila Kinnunen & Jorma Blomqvist, pp 24-25, 27, 29-31

Voihan Zappa!
(Oh Zappa!)
By ?, p 89

Zappa had in Helsinki, Finland two concerts on September 22, 1974 (famous Helsinki concerts, YCDTOSA vol. 2). Short concert review ("Voihan Zappa!" is on page 89). Before that on September 17 Zappa made a PR trip to Helsinki, described in the main article together with an interview (pp 24-31). The day before concert on September 21 Frank and Gail Zappa attended a wedding in Helsinki, which is included into the main article too. Their wedding present was a cappella performance of Approximate. A lot of funny pictures!

PS. Another nice article in English describing these events (and more) is Frank Zappa In Finland.

Source: slime.oofytv.set

1987 January 9

No. 2

Perilliset (Heirs)
By ?, p 25

Short news on Moon Unit and Dweezil Zappa. 

p 25 

1988 May 6

No. 18

Frank, Lenny ja ikävystymisen oireet (Frank, Lenny and the symptoms of boredom)
By Ilkka Ranta-Aho, Kari Kaipainen, pp 50-52

Automatic translation: Leonard Cohen and Frank Zappa have a common problem: they are so popular that a large hall or stadium needs to be reserved for their performances. Their music, on the other hand, works best in a small hall or preferably in your own living room. (read more)

p 4 p 50 p 51 p 52

2009 April 23

No. 17

Rajojen rikkoja (Border breaker)
By ?, p 75

Short full page article as an ad for Baby Snakes movie in Finnish TV.