Back Beat


Back Beat was issued 1980-1983. The editors were mostly the same persons who previously published Musa. First two years Back Beat was an A4 format bimonthly magazine, then the magazine turned into a black-and-white tabloid for cost reasons. (Retrokkiblog)

1980 March

No. 2


Frank Zappa. Joe's Garage Acts 1, 2 & 3
By Vexi Kumpula, p 43

 Automatic translation: You can find more ugliness and charm in the senior series. Old master Frank Zappa rushes to the charts with his new products, which comprise two separate albums. The whole "Joe's Garage" made up of these places the consumer in front of a choice. Should I get both discs or settle for just one? By buying the first disc, interest in the whole product is aroused, but then the continuation follows in the form of a double disc. Again, business-like shrewdness from Zappa. (read more)



1981 March

No. 3


Frank Zappa "Tinsel Town Rebellion"
By Antti Suvanto, p 61

 Automatic translation: When reading reviews of Frank Zappa's music, you often come across some kind of prejudice: it seems that people have put a Zappa needle in their instrument, Zappa headphones in their ears and a real expression on their face (sigh and world pain). And then it starts to come from there. Rotation. The middle-class parka gets a ride again. (read more)