East Village Other


The East Village Other (EVO) was an American underground newspaper from New York, 1965-1972.

1967 February 1-15

Vol. 2 No. 5


Mutation Blues
By Emmett Lake, pp 8, 18

FZ: If the kids who are destined to take over the country could somehow acquire the sense of  responsibility... In other words, from time to time there's lots of talk about revolution: "Ah, we're gonna revolt man, we're revolting..." They could tell everybody where it's at, but they won't. Kids today, as they stand, have the potential to do a really big number. They could OWN the fucking  country. You know, VISIBLY own it. Because they own it now, without knowing it. They are the important consumer group; they've got the nation by the economic bolls. But they have to be made to understand what a responsibility that is. (read more)

Source: Babylon Falling


1968 January 5

Vol. 3 No. 5


Pop, Rock and Jelly
By Jules Freeman, pp 9, 17

New York is fast, baby ... fast. Blink twice and you’ve missed it. Go to sleep and it’ll all be over when you wake up. Did you ever get that feeling? Walking fast down Eighth Street to the subway and you meet this guy you know from somewhere who wants to stop and talk – tell you about all his problems and, wow, you were supposed to meet this chick maybe fifteen minutes ago and make it uptown to see the Mothers and you know you’1l get hassled at the door if you don’t get there early and Jesus Christ, this guy’s still talking and you don’t want to be a schmuck, only ... (read more)

Source: Javier Marcote


1969 July 16

Vol. 4 No. 33


Newport Jazz Festival
By David Walley, p 10

Everything at Festival Field was rushed. It seemed as if George Wein was more concerned with the number of groups he could muster in four hours than with the music and diverse feelings which the music could evoke. Groups were given 50 minute sets to do their thing – not even enough time to work up a good sweat. This, coupled with the rather repressive atmosphere on the grounds, produced memorable flare-ups. The Mothers’ set on Saturday afternoon was 45 minutes long. Frank Zappa closed in the middle of a piece with “Goodbye” and stalked off the stage – was he pissed! (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1970 August 04

Vol. 5 No. 36


By Frank Zappa, p 11

This is the reprint of the well-known article What Ever Happened To The Mothers Of Invention? The full text is available on several sites. All of them based on Hit Parader April 1970 issue. (read the article @ What Ever Happened To The Mothers Of Invention? )


Source: slime.oofytv.set