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Bimonthly Hi, Folks! was founded in 1982 by Ezio Guaitamacchi and his friends. In the beginning it was a black and white publication devoted to traditional and acoustic music. In the late 80s text "Alternative Musicale" was added, which meant everything from jazz to world music. In the end of 1993 Hi Folks! ceased publication to make place for JAM

1992 January-February

Vol. 10 No. 51

only a short news on FZ

 Frank Zappa: notizie più precise sullo stato di salute di Zappa vengono dalla figlia Moon Unit. A Frank è stato diagnosticato un tumore alla prostata che però, sembra essere sotto controllo. Le cure stanno avendo effetto tanto che Zappa continua imperterrito nei suoi progetti musicali e politici. Un recente sondaggio televisivo ha confermato che la scelta di candidarsi alle prossime "presidenziali" statunitensi non era solo una boutade e le oltre 2000 telefonate raccolte in una sola serata fanno ipotizzare i propositi di una seria candidatura. Per quello che riguarda i programmi artistici, Zappa sta lavorando ad un'opera di musica classica che dovrebbe essere eseguita in Germania il prossimo Settembre.

Frank Zappa: more precise information on Zappa's health comes from his daughter Moon Unit. Frank was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which appears to be under control. The treatments are having such an effect that Zappa continues undaunted in his musical and political projects. A recent television poll confirmed that the choice to run for the next US "presidential elections" was not just a joke and the more than 2000 phone calls collected in a single evening suggest the intentions of a serious candidacy. As for the artistic programs, Zappa is working on a classical music work that should be performed in Germany next September.

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1992 November-December

Vol. 10 No. 56


Lo squalo gallo (The yellow shark)
By Roberto Del Piano, pp 18-23

Zappa lo Squalo: chi l'ha visto? (Zappa the Shark: who saw it?)
By Enzo Gentile, pp 20-21

[1] Automatic translation: Long undermined by an incurable mass, the most irreverent artist of our times does not give up his passion for music. Until the last drop of energy. (read more)

[2] Automatic translation: Many of us went up, in disorder, as if on a pilgrimage, "to secretly see the effect it has": Frank Zappa's Central European campaign at the end of the summer had mobilized energy and affection. His testament-work, "The Yellow Shark", was hosted from 17 to 19 September in the program of the events of the Alte Oper in Frankfurt, and then moved to Berlin and Vienna, eight performances in all: the latest, it was unofficially announced , which also included his presence on the stage. (read more)

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1993 July-August

Vol. 11 No. 60


 The issue has an article by Enzo Gentile "Anche i giornalisti nel loro piccolo s'incazzano ...", which was illustrated with FZ picture, but wasn't actually FZ-related.


Source: Fulvio Fiore