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Another long-running French jazz monthly with excellent coverage of both the French & international jazz scene. Interesting interviews / articles + lots of well-informed live / record reviews. Recommended. (rojaro)
In 2009 merged with Jazzman.
From May 2003 until October 2004, when magazine Muziq started, Jazz Magazine issues had 4- or 8-page rock-oriented supplements Tangentiel.
Jazz Magazine
is quarterly issuing special editions ("hors série"), which mostly have Muziq logo too.


1968 December

No. 161


Les "mères" indigned du pop
By Philippe Carles, pp 17,19 

Article about the show at Olympia, Paris - October 26, 1968.

Source: Javier Marcote 


1969 April

No. 165


Boston Globe Quatrieme Edition
By Alan Heineman, pp 18-21 

The Real Frank Zappa Book, p 106: "The first time we played with Rahsaan Roland Kirk was at the 1968 Boston Globe Jazz Festival. After his performance, when introduced to him backstage, I said I really liked what he was doing, and said that if he felt like joining us onstage during our set, he was more than welcome. In spite of his blindness, I believed we could accommodate whatever he wanted to do. We began our set, wending our atonal way toward a medley of 1950s-style honking saxophone numbers. During this fairly complicated, choreographed routine, Rahsaan, assisted by his helper (can't remember his name), decided to join in."

On page 21 is a picture of FZ, Roy Estrada, Rahsaan Roland Kirk and his helper (Kirk Quartet's drummer Jimmy Hoppes?) on stage. [C. Ulrich : "It was percussionist Joe “Habao” Texidor. See Bright Moments, p. 228"]

Source: Javier Marcote 


1969 September

No. 169/170


Newport 69
pp 34-39 

On the Newport Jazz Festival FZ and MOI played on Saturday morning, July 5th. Before that in June they participated in a jazz tour.

The Real Frank Zappa Book, pp 106-107 : "In 1969, George Wein, impresario of the Newport Jazz Festival, decided it would be a tremendous idea to put the Mothers of Invention on a jazz tour of the East Coast. We wound up working in a package with Kirk, Duke Ellington and Gary Burton in Miami at the Jai Alai Fronton, and at another gig in South Carolina.
Before we went on, I saw Duke Ellington begging – pleading – for a ten-dollar advance. It was really depressing. After that show, I told the guys: 'That's it -- we're breaking the bande up.'" 

Source: Javier Marcote  


1969 December

No. 173


By Paul Alessandrini, pp 26-31

This article is the "jazz's view" of Amougies Festival.

Source: Javier Marcote  


1970 February

No. 175


Les inventives aventures de Jean-Luc Ponty
pp 18-23, 45-47 



Source: Javier Marcote  


1970 July-August

No. 180


Amougies en deux films
By J.-P.C., pp 16

Article on "Amougies in two films"
There is an interesting phrase when FZ introduced Captain Beefheart show.

"Listen well, even the silence, for fear of missing something important


Source: Javier Marcote  


1973 May

No. 211


By Leonard Feather, p 34 

Article on "Hollywood Palladium show" March 27, 1973


Source: Javier Marcote  


2003 December

No. 543


Dossier Frank Jazzappa, pp 15-26

Comme une odeur de jazz
Guy Darol

Le Guitariste nerv
Pierrejean Gaucher

Les M.O.I., l'moi et moi
Jean-Jacques Birg

Frank et ses appas swing
Christophe Delbrouk

M. Loyal à Amougies
Philippe Thieyre

Après 68 (postscriptum)
Philippe Carles



2008 June

No. 593


Dossier Zappa Jazz or not?, 18 pp

Un rockeur qui fait jaser
Roundtable (Glenn Ferris, Christophe Delbrouk, Pierrejean Gaucher, Jean-Luc Rimey-Meille) by Guy Darol

Faire un bruit jass là
Guy Darol

"King Kong" le retour
Jean-Luc Ponty interview by Thierry Quénum

Le Grand et le petit Wazoo
Glenn Ferris interview by Christophe Delbrouk

Jazz à la Zappa
Pierrejean Gaucher


Source: Jérôme Munnier and slime.oofytv.set


2012 December

No. 644


Le grand dossier Zappa, 35 pp

Le Zappabécédaire
By Guy Darol, pp 28-47

Frankly Speaking
Quotes of other musicians on Frank Zappa, pp 48-49

The 25 Best Albums You Ever Heard In Your Life
By Frédéric Goaty, pp 50-53, 56-61

1940-1993: Hot Dates
pp 54-55

Source: slime.oofytv.set and Václav Pěnkava


2015 October

No. 677


Frank Zappa refuse de mourir! pp 12-33

Roxy le film
Bebop, tango et pingouins
By Frédéric Goaty, pp 14-18

Le portfolio
pp 20-23

One Size Fits All
Taille unique, plaisirs pluriels
pp 24-27

La tournée 1988
Zappa n campagne

By Guy Darol, pp 28-33

Source: Vitaly Zaremba, Javier Marcote and Walden Gauthier


2018 June

No. 706


Frank Zappa: Un guitariste hors-concours
By Pierrejean Gauchier, pp 56-57

Beside this article FZ is name-chacked many times all over the issue.


Source: Vitaly Zaremba


2018 September

No. 709


George Duke: Funk & fun
By Jean-Pierre Vidal, pp 36-38

Frank Zappa en replay

By Guy Darol, p 95



2019 April

No. 715


Zappa In New York Deluxe
By Frédéric Goaty, p 59




2019 May

No. 716


Franck & Frank
By Franck Tortiller, pp 4-5

Dossier: Frank Zappa Les Brecker Brothers
By Guy Darol, Julien Ferté, Frédéric Goaty, Doc Sillon, pp 39-42, 45-50



2019 August

No. 719


By Guy Le Querrec & Guy Darol, pp 29-35




2019 October

No. 721


Le jazz mais pas que Frank Zappas
By Julien Ferté, pp 58-59