Libération (affectionately known as Libé) is a French newspaper founded in Paris in 1973 by Jean-Paul Sartre, Pierre Victor alias Benny Lévy and Serge July in the wake of the protest movements of May 1968. Libération is one of the four big quality national daily newspapers, and was also the first French daily newspaper to have a website. (wikipedia)

1984 January 9

No. 820


Zappa-Boulez, meme combat?
By Philippe Olivier & Patrice Bollon, pp 27-29

Article on Pierre Boulez conducting Frank Zappa's works and exclusive interviews with both, Zappa and Boulez. (read more)

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1991 August 5

No. 3173


Comment Zappa?
By Serge Loupien, pp 24-25

This is an exclusive interview made in Dorchester Hotel, London. (read more)

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1993 December 7

No. 3902


Viva Zappa
By Serge Loupien, pp 38-39

Les droits de l'homme et du musicien
By Yves Bigot, p 39

L'ecole Wazoo
By Yves Bigot, p 40

Le syndrome Ircam
By Christian Leble, p 40

Selection Zappa
By Yves Bigot, p 41