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Music Week is a trade paper for the UK record industry. It was founded in 1959 as Record Retailer, relaunched in 1972 as Music Week. Since April 1991, Music Week has incorporated Record Mirror, initially as a 4 or 8-page chart supplement, later as a dance supplement of articles, reviews and charts. ISSN 0265-1548 (wikipedia)
By the end of 2020 Music Week ceased to be a weekly title.

1975 November 15


Beefheart LP frozen
By ?, page 2

 VIRGIN IS continuing to take out injunctions to prevent the further release of copies of the Frank Zappa/Captain Beefheart album Bongo Fury. Beefheart has a recording contract with Virgin but the new album is on Zappa's label, DiscReet which is distributed by Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers have been importing copies of the album from the U.S. and several thousand have already been sent out to shops. However, further issues will not be available until the dispute is settled. A High Court hearing is due to take place in due course. Richard Branson told Music Week that Virgin had no objection to Beefheart touring with Zappa and would not have objected to the album providing the company had been advised of its imminence.



1976 December 18


Frank Zappa "Zoot Allures"
By ?, page 36

Zoot Allures (Warner Brothers K 56298). Producer: Frank Zappa.

Always a man of eclectic talent and bizarre ideas, Frank Zappa that is. As usual the maestro has coached a fine studio band into getting his characteristically gritty and raunchy sound while Frank cuts loose with more of his winding, sinuous guitar lines than has been his wont of late. Fans of his more outrageous material will enjoy Zappa intoning the sordid description of a torture cell and its going on complete with anguished female moans on The Torture Never Stops. Zoot Allures will not lose Zappa and fans.



1977 November 12


 WEA Records full page ad on page 13. This ad appears in several Music Week issues.



1978 April 22


Frank Zappa "Zappa In New York"
By ?, page 57

Zappa In New York. Elektra K 69204. Producer: Artist.
Long-awaited live double album from this unique artist. Not a collection of his best loved material but contains some of his most outrageous comic numbers like Titties and Beer and The Illinois Enema Bandit mixed with some lengthy and complex instrumentals. Side four is devoted to the 18 minute instrumental The Purple Lagoon on to which Zappa has overdubbed his own classy guitar solo since the album was recorded live at Christmas 1976. Will be a must for all Zappa fans and bound to be a big seller.



1978 September 16


By David Dalton, page 50

 ... On came Frank Zappa with, as we have come to expect, a new band, original material but still the same sardonic wit. As ever the band was well rehearsed, each member coming in with his scheduled shriek, yell or more ordinary harmony right on cue, creating an impression of synchronised mayhem. Opening with Dancing Fool and running one song into another the material was unfamiliar but nevertheless impressive. Zappa himself rationed the guitar solos but they were worth waiting for. He had played about a dozen numbers before coming to something recognised which was a long medley of songs from the WEA album Apostrophe. His last album from WEA is Zappa Live In New York. ...



1978 October 14


Fact Sheets
Frank Zappa: Studio Tan

By Tony Jasper, page 34

Release date / BackgroundOCT 6
Material made available from America for simultaneous UK-US release
Biography1940 born, member Soul Giants, renamed by Zappa The Mothers (Of Invention added later by MGM) heard, signed, with heavy outlay on debut LP. Became cult followed US, East Coast; general notice with Sgt. Pepper parodied on cober We're Only In It For The Money (Verve). Quasi-sociological lyrics – themes, variety of musical style with jaz influence very strong on many albums over years.  New Mothers formed 1970, solo work, disastrous European tour 1971. Mid 1970's lyrics less diffuse, material became clearer.
PromotionFanzine comic style cover should draw interest. General company servicing of various outlets. No special promotional effort notified at copy time but obviously if initial reaction from sales warrant further attention this will be given. Zappa has large cult following, certainly the record should be in stock although it may not be product which charts in best selling lists.
CommentAlbum from apparent mass of unreleased Zappa material with again rumour suggesting not previously available due to lack of commercial appeal. Certainly net a record likely to cause new friends for artist. Basically album run-out for Zappa's orchestra studio aspirations. Lack of real focus for those not versed in many-sided musical character of artist with often discordant sound save for Let Me Take You To The Beach, S1T1 which though disco in basic texture suffers from Zappa’s inherent love for changing anything which might easily be classified, here change in structure with less at more obvious beat destroys chance of editing down to appeal in more popular market. Lengthy Revised Music For Gurtars And Low Budget Orchestra with momentary breaks of clean sounding guitar, interesting percussron, woodwind and piano, stands out, found S2T2. Zappa rarely fails. This not one occasion but overall appeal limited, certainly little likely for programming in present radio set-up.



1979 February 3


Zappa, CBS, WEA and the Nolans
By John Fruin, page 2

 MAY I refer to last week's issue on three points. I think it is generally well-known in the UK industry that there is nothing we enjoy more than helping our friends at CBS, other than perhaps beating them. However, friendship can only go so far and I have to draw you attention to the following points. On P2 there is an impressive photograph of various worthies with Mr. Zappa announcing the signing of the artist to the CBS label. I would like to point out that we have just commenced selling Mr Zappa's new LP due for release next month, and that, according to WB in the US who hold the artist's contract, there is a considerable period of time to run on his contract and two further LPs to be delivered. I gather WB are writing to CBS on this point, but I felt I should clear it up in case any of your dealers wonder why wc arc arriving at their stores with the new album. [...]
John Fruin, managing director WEA Records.



1979 February 10


CBS zaps into John Fruin
By David Betterige, page 2

 IN REPLY to John Fruin's letter (Music Week Feb 3) regarding Frank Zappa, we feel a few salient details should be pointed out. Firstly Frank Zappa's new record is the CBS double album Sheik Yerbouti (CBS 88339) which Frank completed mixing a matter of weeks ago. His upcoming, sold-out tour of the UK will predominantly feature material from this album which will be in the shops by the end of the month. The album that Warner Brothers are set to release is hardly "new". Much of the material was recorded in 1974 and the most recent tracks Frank completed in 1976. Secondly, it is untrue that Warner Brothers still hold Zappa's contract. Zappa was in fact contracted to Discreet Records which Warner Brothers distributed. That distribution deal expired during last year. Incidentally, Zappa is currently suing Warner Brothers. What's new John?
David Betteridge, managing director, CBS Records.



1979 March 3


Frank Zappa: Hammersmith Odeon
By Kevin Tea, page 42

 STUNNING IS the only word to describe Zappa's recent Saturday show. The man who brought us the mudshark, gave us an obsession with ponchos and warned us not to eat the yellow snow, gave an impressive three hour set that spanned a decade from Brown Shoes through to his current Sheik Yerbouti album. (read more)



1979 March 10


Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti
By ?, page 34

Frank Zappa. Sheik Yerbouti. CBS 88339. Producer: Artist. Impressive double which marks Zappa's debut with new label after long association with WEA. It is all there – the superb musicianship, the endless overdubs (even on live material), the humorous irreverent lyrics, plus several commercial cuts. Now a frequent visitor to the UK and this will sell very strongly. ⭗



1979 March 17


Fact Sheets
Frank Zappa: Sheik Yerbouti / Sleep Dirt

By Tony Jasper, page 54

Release date / BackgroundSheik Yerbouti – February 23, Sleep Dirt – March 9
CBS album accompanied Zappa short tour, first release on new contract while WEA follows, presumably from possibly continuing Zappa contract with that group.
BiographyMajor rock name with long history, once joined The Soul Giants renamed by Zappa The Mothers (Of Invention added later by MGM), beginning long, illustrous record career. Numerous peaks, various band line-ups, often utilising known musicians. Lyrics, music scores often seen as wayout. Prolific album list.
PromotionRecent short tour UK with concerts, Brighton, three in London. Major press coverage with features. Consumer music press copy. Radio interviews, national, commercial – BBC. Zappa featured CBS News but this merely repeat of CBS press biog. Considerable coverage trade, consumer press over signing for CBS with statements on this also issued by WEA. WEA album featured in company So What's New journal. Ads for CBS album which comes as record double in lavish packaging.
CommentCBS: Hardly magical material for new record contract. Four sided album which wanders without too much consequence. Lyrics often bizarre but then nothing strange about that though here not bite, wit, perception of old. Some satirical looks at much maligned world of record business of which Zappa presumably part with some musical acknowledgements to idioms. Vocals often through intent or not seem carbons of other known musical mortals. WEA: Catalogue successor to Studio Tan but no clue on sleeve (there being no notes) when, where, how, this recorded, particularly vital in-view ol Zappa's contractual hassles – WEA. Purely instrumental which might suggest backing tapes, perhaps not. Some interesting moments, as last cut, side two, extended musical outing which has some interesting musical textures. Will not make Zappa hall of fame but interesting musical track expeditions. Average Zappa sales. Doubtful of much consumer excitement on either product outside of cult buying circles.



1979 March 24


Frank Zappa: Sleep Dirt
By ?, page 28

Frank Zappa. Sleep Dirt. Warner Bros. K59211. Producer, artist. There is no information on the sleeve as to when these tracks were recorded or what musicians played on them, but most sound as though they were put together around the Grand Wazoo and Waka Jawaka era, so have little relevance to what Zappa's doing today. **



1980 April 19


CBS's Klinteberg optimistic
By ?, page 8 Supplement

Norway welcomes a more sophisticated soul sound
By ?, p 14 Supplement

[1] ... An example of single success in provided by Frank Zappa, whose Bobby Brown sold more than 60,000 copies which is a healthy figure for Sweden. "It was the single of the year in Sweden and the best single ever for us," says af Klinteberg. "Altogether Frank Zappa has sold more than 350,000 units in Scandinavia. ...

[2] ... ELO's Discovery was the album of 1979, while in a poll Frank Zappa was voted top artist. Zappa has made an impact throughout Scandinavia, but it has been greatest of all in Norway, with his single Bobby Brown at Number One in the
chart for three months.
"A lot of people went for the melody rather than the lyrics which are difficult to understand," says Jenssen. "I believe we are the only country in Europe to bring Zappa up to Number One and a lot of credit must go to our A&R, press and promotion departments." ...



1984 September 29


Zappa signs to EMI
By ?, page 3

 FRANK ZAPPA has signed to EMI Records and will be releasing two new albums to co-incide with his current UK live dates which include three nights at the Hammersmith Odeon. A double-album, Them Or Us, features material written by the rock eccentric's family while the second, Boulez Conducts Zappa, continues the artist's involvement with the classical music world. Both are scheduled for mid-October release but a single, Baby Take Your Teeth Out, has just been released from Them Or Us. Zappa's 10-year-old son Ahmet co-wrote Frogs With Dirty Little Lips and 14-yearold Dweezil contributed two guitar solos, while his daughter Moon sang vocals on another album track Ya Hozna.
Boulez Conducts Zappa
feature seven dance pieces commissioned by conductor and avant-garde composer Pierre Boulez. Following the first performance of three of them in Paris earlier this year under the direction of Boulez, the French conductor recorded them with his new music group Ensemble Intercontemporain and added four more recorded in California with The Barking Pumpkin Digital Gratification Consort.



1985 July 13


Satire is the Mother of Invention
By Duncan Holland, page 22

 BEING TOTALLY unable to listen to more than one side of Zappa's latest triple LP, Thing Fish and then happily reading through Michael Gray's diary of his life, one forms the strong impression that Uncle Frank is a far more interesting man than musician.

Mother! Is The Story of Frank Zappa is meticuluous, considered and crafted. Gray knows what he's talking about and has clearly had close association with his subject throughout the years. Although writing as a fan and again falling into the trap of he-is-a-genius ... period. Gray does indicate what is so attractive about Zappa: a sardonic outsider chipping away at the fringes of the American way of life.

 Of course, Zappa is frequently grotesque, his ideas and music hideous, but Mother ... leads one to suspect it is his audiences, own limitations which have forced him to produce something as appallingly ugly and vile as Thing Fish. As Zappa says; "Producing satire is kind of hopeless because of the literacy rate of the American public."

This sort of arrogance is always a good read, especially when spiced up with a cynical intellect. The music is superfluous now, but the man is still worthy of consideration, with Mother ... serving as a fine account of a fascinating enigma.

Mother! Is The Story Of Frank Zappa by Michael Gray, Proteus Books, £5.95.



1986 March 1


Zappa albums for EMI reissue
By ?, page 3

 EMI RECORDS is co-releasing several albums by Frank Zappa as part of a campaign, Zappa – The Collection, which will include press advertising and in-store posters. All the albums in the promotion have been digitally re-mastered by Zappa himself and are available on LP and XDR cassette. First five titles available are Sheik Yerbouti, Tinsel Town Rebellion, You Are What You Is, Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch and The Man From Utopia, and there is also a new Zappa album, Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention.



1987 January 10


Frank Zappa: Jazz From Hell
By DEH, page 16

 FRANK ZAPPA: Jazz From Hell. EMI EMC 3521. Producer: Frank Zappa.
After recent years' hefty Zappa interest – remixes of earlier albums, a musical, live shows of note and two recent bona fide albums in the shape of Them Or Us and Meets The Mothers Of Prevention, Frank gets re-zapped and serves up dumplings on rye. Jazz From Hell's finest moment is the title itself. Once past the sleeve the torrid backwaters of Level 42 jamming and go-go-fonky-bo-bop take over. This is Carlos Santana after a service and Frank on a tangent that doesn't pay.



1993 February 6


Transforming Metal Into Gold
By Valerie Potter, supplement 3-10

The issue has a 20-page Music For Nations promotional supplement.

Supplement page 7: Another hugely successful project has been MFN‘s five year association with the eccentric and highly respected American artist, Frank Zappa.
“Frank Zappa has always been with majors and sooner or later, they’ve always parted company, hideously and with massive litigation!” [Martin] Hooker laughs. “We were recommended as an honest company that would do a good job for him.
“Originally, we were going to manufacture and market his back catalogue on CD for Europe. It was unbelievable, the interest was astonishing, and he was so pleased he gave us a brand new album. This was the Guitar album and it charted immediately.”
The release of Guitar was followed by Zappa’s most successful European tour in his 25-year career, which included two sold out nights at Wembley Arena.
Zappa and MFN now have a joint company, co-owning his catalogue, and his son, Dweezil, is signed to Food For Thought.



1993 December 18


1995 April 8


2013 August 2

Kobalt signs major Frank Zappa deal
By Tim Ingham, p 16