Music Week


Music Week is a trade paper for the UK record industry. It was founded in 1959 as Record Retailer, relaunched in 1972 as Music Week. Since April 1991, Music Week has incorporated Record Mirror, initially as a 4 or 8-page chart supplement, later as a dance supplement of articles, reviews and charts. ISSN 0265-1548 (wikipedia)
By the end of 2020 Music Week ceased to be a weekly title.

1978 September 16


By David Dalton, page 50

 ... On came Frank Zappa with, as we have come to expect, a new band, original material but still the same sardonic wit. As ever the band was well rehearsed, each member coming in with his scheduled shriek, yell or more ordinary harmony right on cue, creating an impression of synchronised mayhem. Opening with Dancing Fool and running one song into another the material was unfamiliar but nevertheless impressive. Zappa himself rationed the guitar solos but they were worth waiting for. He had played about a dozen numbers before coming to something 1 recognised which was a long medley of songs from the WEA album Apostrophe. His last album from WEA is Zappa Live In New York. ...