Nye Takter


Nye Takter (New Beats) was a Norwegian music newspaper that came out with its first issue in 1977. From 1978 the newspaper began to appear monthly. In contrast to the competitor Puls , which largely dealt with American music, Nye Takter turned primarily to Norwegian and European music. Since 1983 Nye Takter was distributed by Arbeiterbladet as a fortnightly publication. In 1985 Nye Takter changed to weekly supplement of Arbeiterbladet. In 1988 Nye Takter was fully integrated into Arbeiterbladet as title of music pages. Nye Takter is today still the name of Dagsavisen's music pages.

1979 February

No. 2


Zappa del 1
It can't happen here

By Jan Arne Handorff, pp 12-13


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1979 March

No. 3


Zappa del 2
"Project X" 1969-1970

By Jan Arne Handorff, pp 14-15

Frank Zappa. Sleep Dirt
By Jan Arne Handorff, p 20


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1979 May

No. 5


Zappa del 4
'Zut alors....' (1973-79)

By Jan Arne Handorff, pp 12-13


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Note. A more legible version of these trees you can find at Experience, #7 1974.

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1982 June 2

Vol. 6 No. 6


Frank Zappa. En stor entertainer
By Tor J. Haugland, p 14

Frank Zappa. Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
By Dag Myhre, p 24


Source: nb.no