Suosikki (Favorite) was a popular Finnish monthly youth magazine, issued from August 1961 until December 2012. (wikipedia)

1967 October

No. 10

Nice front cover but no Zappa content inside. There is an article by Al Aronowitz on Amercian music inside, even decorated with another photo by Claudia Cardinale taken from the same photo session as the cover photo, but Zappa and the Mothers are not mentioned in this article. Full photo session with Claudia Cardinale was first published in Italian magazine Epoca, July 1967.

Next to the cover picture is written "Emme vaadi lukijoiltamme koskaan tummaa pukua ja solmiota!" - We never require our readers to wear a dark suit and tie!

1968 January

No. 1

Frank Zappa – kaunein päällä maan (Frank Zappa - the most beautiful on earth)
By Aaron Sternfield, pp 18-19

  Automatic translation: Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention have moved from California to New York to get rid of what Frank calls the blue fascists of the Los Angeles police. And after he came to New York, the city was never the same. I recently went to a Greenwich Village restaurant for coffee with Frank. He was waiting at the table, and I knew him without difficulty. He resembles a gnarled, dying tree. The hair hangs over the eyes, there is a curved mustache under the nose. When he gets up in his striped pants and polo shirt, he is a bony freak of nature. (read more)

1969 May

No. 5

Voi äiti, mitkä muorit !!! (Oh mother, what moors !!!)
pp 12-13

  This interview seems to be a partial translation of the interview by Jerry Hopkins, published in Rolling Stone, July 20, 1968.

1970 October

No. 10

Lapsi on miehen isä! (The child is the father of the man!)
By Erkki Pälli, pp 20-21, 64-64

1971 February

No. 2

Viva Zappa!
By Olli Perttula, pp 72-73

Concert review and interview with Frank Zappa made some time in Amsterdam. In article is written, that it was the concert in Paradiso club. There is no confirmed Zappa &The Mothers gig in Paradiso club known. On page 72 is a picture made by the author, where we can see George Duke with trombone in Concertgebow, Amsterdam. Most probably was the author at Zappa's gig in Concertgebow in December 6, 1970.

Parts of the article seems to be a modified translation of the Doon Arbus' article printed in 1967 in Cheetah and are misleading. They describe the concert and band back in 1967. In 1970 in Amsterdam Zappa was with so called Flo & Eddie band.

Full text with translation available.

1973 September

No. 9

Sensational Sound Of Zappa!
By Bill Breckham, pp 94-95

Nice article about Zappa, "one of the most important cultural geniuses of the XX century next to Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Gustav Mahler".

Source: slime.oofytv.set

1973 October

No. 10

Zappa: liikenero ja musiikinero samassa persoonassa! Palkkio 150 000 markka?
(Zappa: business genius and musical genius in the same body! Salary 150 000 mark?)
By Suosikki, p 36

The Mothers: Over-Nite Sensation
By James Seville, p 85

The main article is about Zappa, the outstanding businessman. It was agreed, that for two Helsinki concerts (in August 1973) Zappa will get 150,000 FIM, but the total box office later, with ticket price of 20 FIM, was only about 100,000 FIM. The concerts were paid to Zappa by Helsinki city festival organizers and the difference was covered by tax payers. "In our country we support not only opera, but also elite pop music."

Interesting, that in this article is written, that Zappa had actually three concerts in Helsinki because the demand was so high and probably he got more than 150,000 FIM.

Zappa gig list includes two shows in August 23. In the Suosikki article is written, that Zappa had concerts in two consecutive days with long rehearsals in both days and everything in these two days was recorded. Most probably Zappa had two full-scale concerts in August 23 and 24, and 3rd concert mentioned was actually a jam session afterparty in August 23 in N-Klubi without Zappa (described in Intro, October 1973).

Finally, in October 2013, Road Tapes, Venue #2 were issued based on recordings of the shows in August 23-24, Finlandia-talo, Helsinki.

The review of the concerts you can find in Intro, October 1973.

Source: slime.oofytv.set

1974 September

No. 9

Frank Zappa story alkaa!
By Johnny Maestro, pp 110-111

First of a 3-part article about FZ.

1974 October

No. 10

Taitelija, liikemies ... nero? (Artist, businessman... genius?)
By Johnny Maestro, pp 40-41

Pihvisüdäntä ei kesytetä
By Johnny Maestro, pp 122-123

Second of a 3-part article about FZ and interview with Captain Beefheart.

1974 November

No. 11

Suosikin lukijat tapasivat Zappan (Readers of Suosikki meeting Zappa)
By Timo Mesimäki, pp 36-37

Ei missän ole tälläistä kuin Suomessa!
(Nowhere is there like in Finland!)
By Johnny Maestro, pp 38-40

Roxy and Elsewhere (review)
p 104

Issue contains last, 3rd part of a 3-part article about FZ.

1975 January

No. 1

Grand Prix 1974 (Annual readers poll)
pp 18-23

1975 October

No. 10

Zappa puhuu Suosikille
By Armando Gallo, pp 118-120

What do you consider more worth seeing places in the United States?

Frank: I think you should definitely see the Southern States because I think they are probably one of the best places in the United States. (read more)

1975 December

No. 12

Grand Prix 1975 (Annual readers poll)
pp 5-9

Zappan superkonsertti (Zappa's super concert)
By Armando Gallo, p 42

Ponty & Beefheart: Sähkö ja vituositeettiä
(Electricity and virtuosity)
By Hansci Louhisola, p 84

1976 January

No. 1

Kummisetä ratsastaa jälleen (Godfather rides again)
By Kalevi Kaukonen, pp 2-3

  Frank Zappasta on tullut parin vuoden alkana eräänlainen suomalaisten poppareiden Kummisetä, jonka sanaa kuunellaan ja esimerkkiä seurataan.
Ensi kuussa hän saapuu jälleen ja silloin voimme kysyä vieläkö Zappan musiikillinen luovuus liitää ratsun tavoin.

Automatic translation:
Frank Zappa has become a kind of Godfather of Finnish rockers in the last couple of years, whose word is listened to and followed.
Next month, he arrives again, and then we can ask if Zappa's musical creativity sticks around like a horse.

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa, pioneer, apostle of musical discipline and stylistic certainty, twisted his mustache and black hair after a concert in Helsinki. Applause wasn't enough for Zappa! (read more)

1976 August

No. 8

U.S.A. Super Adventure Volume 1
By Jyrki-Boy, pp 10-13

This exclusive interview was made in Zappa's home, LA. After the interview FZ and Jyrki-Boy visited recording studio where Grand Funk Railroad was recording their LP (Good Singin', Good Playin'), and Zappa played a guitar solo for this album (probably for the song "Out To Get You"). Full text available.

Source: slime.oofytv.set

1977 February

No. 2

Olen P.A. tarvitsen rahaa!
By Brian Bishop, pp 26-27

Automatic translation: During his last visit to the east side of the Atlantic, FRANK ZAPPA declared several times that he would not be seen in Europe for a long time. But he has nevertheless taken and spun those words and packed his well-experienced knapsacks to go once again to delight the inhabitants of the old world with his unique art. Why? I ask this simple question that is probably on many people's minds to Zappa during his last moments in New York before his journey across the great waters. (read more)

pp 26-27

Source: eBay

1977 March

No. 3

Hirviö-Zappan ja gentleman-Freemanin mystinen SALT (suola)-kokous
By Hansci Lounisola, pp 36, 37, 39

Frank Zappa inteviewed by Freeman, Finnish number one singer in these days.

1988 July

No. 7

Zappa kävi taas!
By TT, p 91

Automatic translation: Good old Frank Zappa visited Finland for the fourth time at the end of April and captivated the audience of the ice rink with his sovereign style. (read more)


1994 January

No. 1

Frank Zappa In Memoriam
By Jyrki Hämäläinen, pp 84-85