The Sun


The Sun (aka The Detroit Sun and The Warren-Forest Sun) was a short-lived newspaper founded in April 1967 by political activist John Sinclair and circulated in the Detroit, Michigan, area. The Sun was a production of Trans-Love Energies Unlimited of Detroit, and was published by the Artists' Workshop Press as a community service. The name was changed to the Ann Arbor Sun when the Trans-Love Energies commune moved to Ann Arbor in 1968. The Sun was edited by John Sinclair and Gary Grimshaw, both of whom worked previously on the Fifth Estate.
"THE SUN rises every second Friday throughout the year. Publication is set to coordinate with the bi-weekly appearance of the FIFTH ESTATE, Detroit's original "underground" newspaper, which publishes on the 1st and the 15th of each month. THE SUN and the FIFTH ESTATE are members of the Underground Press Syndicate."

1967 April

No. 2


Frank Zappa
Interview by Emmet Lake, pp 6-7

This interview with Frank Zappa was conducted by Emmet Lake for the East Village Other and was reprinted from EVO via the International Times (London).

Source: Ann Arbor District Library