VeckoRevyn (Weekly Review) was Sweden's largest magazine for young woman 18-25 years. The magazine was published weekly 1935-1999, fortnightly 1999-2011, monthly 2011-2016, bimonthly 2016-2018. Since February 2019 only the online version is available. ISSN 0346-4105 (wikipedia)

1980 June 11

No. 24


Klassisk pappa Zappa

The issue includes some pictures taken on June 1 in Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm, at the Zappa's concert. Most of the pictures are of young Swedish celebrities on the concert.

Source: ebay


1980 July 30

No. 31


Frank Zappa – världens vidrigaste arbetsgivare (Frank Zappa - the world's most disgusting employer)
By Anders Nilsson, pp 26-27

May 31 Drammenshallen concert review with Arthur Barrow and David Logeman interview snippets. (read more)

pp 26-27