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2003 October

Vol. 37


The Frank Zappa Memorial Barbecue
By Craig White, pp 36-38

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Vol. 123


Dweezil Zappa celebrates 50 years of Frank Zappa
p 6




Vol. 124


Dweezil Zappa plays whatever the hell he wants!
By Peter Hodgson, pp 52-53




Vol. 143


Perfectly Frank
By David Mead, pp 60-64

This article was published earlier and more completely in Guitarist, June 2021.




Vol. 146


Ten Essential Gibson SG Albums
By Glenn Kimpton, pp 50-51

Includes Frank Zappa & The Monsters - Roxy & Elsewhere. A very good Freudian slip.

Zappa’s ‘Baby Snakes’ SG of the late ‘70s was actually an obscure custom copy, but the ‘Roxy’ model he used for this album was a Gibson, albeit modified with various switches and preamps. His son Dweezil has since stated that Frank’s tone is impossible to emulate; and even the briefest of listens to this rollercoaster album will back that claim.
Key track: ‘Cheepnis’