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 If you've never heard Scott Thunes play the bass, you can't appreciate how far the instrument can be taken. Thunes will dispute that notion, of course-he takes issue with the idea he's a great bassist. The former Frank Zappa sideman (whose surname is pronounced TOOness) is a contrarian of the highest order. He disagrees with almost any statement of a declarative nature, at least when it concerns his role in music and his approach to the bass. He' s of the opinion that much of the brilliant live work he recorded with Zappa is riddled with mistakes, each of which he's apt to point out in exacting detail. (read more)

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2007 May


Arthur Barrow. Audition Absurdities: Frank Zappa's "St. Alphonzo's Pancake Breakfast"
By Bryan Beller, pp 75-76



2009 April


Frank Zappa's "Alien Orifice"
Scott Thunes's complete bass line

By Bryan Beller, pp 56-59, 70

Kids These Days
By Scott Thunes, p 80

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2012 October


Outtakes. Scott Thunes beached
By Paul Haggard, p 90

A reminder of the interview in March 1997 issue.



2016 March


Kurt Morgan. Zappa Zealot
By Jimmy Leslie, p 16