Popster. La prima rivista poster di pop, rock, soul, jazz, country music, also known only by the name Popster, was a monthly magazine founded in Rome in 1976 by Massimo Stefani. Popster closed in 1980 after issue 37, and part of its editorial team merged into the new magazine Rockstar magazine. (wikipedia)

1977 September

No. 7


Zappa si autointervista (Zappa interviews himself)
By Vincent Messina, pp 14-17

Google translate: Rivers of words have been written about Frank Zappa. Often attempts have been made to go back to the character, to give a face to the personality through his compositions: the conventional image of the person and far from the real one. Let's see why. Talking about it and Frank Zappa himself. (read more)

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1978 February

No. 11


Gibson SG Standard
By ?, pp 68, 70

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1978 March

No. 12


By Massimo Bassoli, p 17

  Google translate: Speaking of punk, the 38-year-old Italian-American from Baltimore said: «I'm too evolved to feel punk. Unfortunately a lot of people writing about rock criticism today, and more specifically about punk, weren't there during the 1960s because otherwise they would know that punk was already there. And it was even better ». (read more)


Source: Fulvio Fiore


1978 April

No. 13


Interview by Massimo Bassoli & Michael Pergolani, pp 26-31

Google translate: And so here is the arrival at the Hyde Park Hotel in London of Mr. Zappa and Mr. Smothers, assistant, secretary, bodyguard who came out of the pages of "Uncle Tom" who, from the height of his three meters in height, sentenced : "This fucking English television is the same as the American one, it sucks." And he wrinkles his back on the elegant back of the armchair with a wavy and careless way of his own phosphorescent Hawaiian shirt. America. (read more)

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1978 December

Vol. 3 No. 20


Poster Frank Zappa: La madre ritrovata
By Massimo Bassoli, p 43

Studio Tan (review)
By Massimo Bassoli, p 82

p 3 p 18 p 82 p 43 p 43

p 50

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