Dutch underground biweekly published from April 1969 to April 1974. Successor of Hitweek.
Aloha name was relived in 1999 for a glossy music monthly. In October 2005 this new Aloha was merged with OOR.

1969 July 27

No. 5

This issue's cover story is on Wild Man Fischer.

Source: EB


1969 September 3-19

No. 10

Ongecensureerde Mothers (Uncensered Mothers)
By Frits Boer, p 13 

 This is the Mothermania album review on page 13.

Source: EB


1969 November 28 - December 6

No. 15

Uncle Meat film
p 10

 Article on page 10 is based mostly on translations of interview "Frank Zappa" from Canadian film magazine Take One

Source: EB


1970 October 2-16

No. 38


Het beloofde koala beertje (The promised koala bear)
p 7

 Weasels Ripped My Flesh review on page 7

Source: EB


1971 September 10 - 24

No. 10

Afsheidsconcert Fillmore
p 4

 Fillmore East – June 1971 album review.

Source: EB


1971 December 31 - January 14

No. 18

 Half-page 200 Motels ad on page 14.

Source: EB


1972 May 5-19

Vol. 3 No. 1


De laatste poll (The last poll)
By Aloha, pp 7-10

Ik wil huilen als een weerwolf (I wanna howl like a werewolf)
By Jeff Eymael, pp 24-24

In reader's poll the Mothers of Invention voted as best live act and best band #3. 200 Motels voted as film #5.

On pages 23-24 is full version of interview with Captain Beefheart. Translation of this version first appeared in the april 1996 fanzine Steal Softly Thru Snow #6. Full translation is available at the Electricity site.

Source: Ton Van Mierle


2004 January/February

Vol. 6 No. 10


De erfenis van Frank Zappa (The legacy of Frank Zappa)
By Edwin Ammerlaan, pp 50-52, 54-55


Source: slime.oofytv.set