In France, in the mid-seventies, Best magazine was the second most popular rock magazine, the best-selling one was Rock & Folk, magazine which still exists nowadays. Best launched in September 1968, ceased in 1995. Reborn in 1999 and finally ceased in March 2000. (wikipedia)

1969 December

Vol. 2 No. 17


Festival interdit
By Jean-Noël Coghe, pp 18-23

1971 February

Vol. 3 No. 31


Entrez, entrez! Le cirque Zappa est dans votre ville. (Come in, come in! The Zappa circus is in town.)
By Sacha Reins, pp 34-35

Frank Zappa: je suis le meilleur à la wah-wah! (I'm the best on wah-wah!)
Interview by Pierre Jahiel, pp 38-39

This issue contains a 2-page article, the centerfold as a Ponty-Zappa poster and a 2-page interview.

p 5 pp 34-35 pp 36-37 pp 38-39

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1974 November

Vol. 7 No. 76


Zappa à Paris: la fête des mères (Zappa in Paris: Mother's Day)
By Paul Harris, p 9

September 27 concert review.




1978 February

Vol. 10 No. 115


Je sui une legende
Interview by Gilles Riberolles, pp 24-31

According to the index on page 70 other Best issues featuring Zappa are: #42, #93, #104 (article & poster).



Best Hors Serie No. 5

Seventies Graffiti

Numero anthologie 25 ans de BEST


Frank Zappa: Je suis le meilleur a la wah wah
By Pierre Jahiel, pp 42-43
From Best #31 1971