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Rock & Folk is a French music magazine published since 1966. Excellent long-running French mainstream rock monthly. Now incorporating other popular musics such as rap, reggae, dance etc. Good coverage of both the French & international scene. Highly recommended. (rojaro)

1967 November

No. 12


Au secours! Voila les Mamans!!!
By Philippe Rault, pp 22-25, 60

This is the first half of an early and important interview by Philippe Rault. 2nd part was published in December issue. The translation feature is added to the page with full text in French.

Read that FZ finally discovered a real psychedelic music in London (Pink Floyd and Tomorrow); if we put the same amount of money to promote Xenakis as we do for Monkees, teenagers will buy Xenakis discs etc. etc. (read more)



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1967 December

No. 13


Au secours! Voila les Mamans!!!
By Philippe Rault, pp 42-45, 53

This is the second half of this remarkable interview. (read more)

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1969 December

No. 35


Les folles nuits d'Amougies (The crazy nights at Amougies)
By Paul Alessandrini, pp 46-57



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1970 July

No. 42


Une porte s'ouvre
By Paul Alessandrini, pp 42-45, 69

In addition to the article "A door opens" on page 9 is Riviera Festival ad and on page 83 King Kong review. 



1971 February

No. 49


L'oeil de Zappa
By Philippe Paringaux, pp 42-45, 105

Zappa supériour
By Dominique Chevalier, pp 103-104

Later between 1980-1982 a fanzine named L'oeil de Zappa was published by Dominique Chevalier.


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1971 November

No. 58


200 Motels - Tournee US avec les Mothers
By Philippe Paringaux, pp 52-59, 93-95

Full text available @  → Traductions → Articles.



1971 December

No. 59


200 Motels - Tournee US avec les Mothers (part II)
By Philippe Paringaux, pp 60-67, 108

200 Motels (review)
By Paul Alessandrini, pp 82-83

Part II of the article, which full text is available @  → Traductions → Articles.



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1972 October

No. 69


Symphonie en rock mineur
By Philippe Paringaux, pp 70-73

Waka/Jawaka (review)
By Paul Alessandrini, p 82

Symphonie en rock mineur = symphony in rock minor.


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1974 October

No. 93


Zappa Roma
By Alain Dister, pp 60-67

Billy Bastard (comics)
By Guynard, pp 102-103



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1977 March

No. 122


Une place au soleil (A place in the sun)
By Michel Bourre and Patrick Coutin, pp 115-117

Interview with Frank Zappa after concert in Pavillon de Paris, February 2, 1977.



1979 March

No. 146


Le Grand Zazou
By Francis Vincent, pp 70-77

"The zazous were a subculture in France during World War II. They were young people expressing their individuality by wearing big or garish clothing (similar to the zoot suit fashion in America a few years before) and dancing wildly to swing jazz and bebop. " (wikipedia)



1980 June

No. 161


Zappa: cheveux courts et ides longues
Interview by Francis Vincent & Jean-Marc Bailleux, pp 89-95

English translation by A.Murkin: Part One and Part Two



1982 February

No. 181


Frankie Solo
By Jean-Marc Bailleux, pp 54-61



1988 July

No. 254


Frank Zappa Zénith (20/05)
By J.P., p 102

Zappa May 20 Paris gig review.
Zappateers gig recording

Source: Javier Marcote 


2004 April

No. 440


Frank Zappa
By Eric Dahan, pp 50-55


Hires scans & zappateers

Source: Kristoftof @ zappateers


2011 February

No. 522


Captain Beefheart
By Pascal Comelade, Philippe Thieyre, pp 44/53





2017 February

No. 594


Frank Zappa: Lumpy Gravy, We're Only In It For The Money, Cruising With Ruben & The Jets, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, Joe's Garage
By ?, p 86



2018 April

No. 608


By Patrick Eudeline, pp 67-69

This article reviews 3-disc compilation album L'Avant-Garde 1888-1970, which contains music of Stravinsky, Varèse, Boulez, Sun Ra, Moondog, Yoko Ono etc. Included also is a song by Frank Zappa "Dear Jeepers".



2018 May

No. 609


Dépasser la lettre pour célébrer l'esprit Frank Zappa
By Eric Dahan, pp 18-19

This is The Roxy Performances box review.




2019 May

No. 621


Un sosie de Reagan sur une chaise électrique - Frank Zappa
By Eric Dahan, pp 34-36

Article on Zappa in New York re-release.

p 5 p 34 p 35 p 36