Glossy Finnish music monthly covering a wide variety of popular musics from rock to reggae. Some regional coverage. (rojaro)
Established in 1975. In the beginning of 2014 Soundi swallowed another music magazine Rytmi.

1979 April

No. 4


Sleep Dirt
Sheik Yerbouti
By Mikael Wiik, pp 80-81



1981 February

No. 2


Captain Beefheart, maalari, kirjailija, muusikko, nero (Captain Beefheart, artist, writer, musician, genius)
By Dali De Clair, pp 42-46

Issue includes 5-page Dali De Clair interview with Captain Beefheart (shorter English version published in Melody Maker 1980, January 11.)



1984 December

No. 12


Frank Zappa ei kainostele kitarasooloja ja tuhmia juttuja
By Esa Koivio, pp 48-50

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1991 August

No. 8


Frank Zappa presidentiksi! (Frank Zappa for president!)
By Waldemar Wallenius, pp 48-52

The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life
Make A Jazz Noise Here
You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 4
By Waldemar Wallenius, p 74



2004 February

No. 2


Frank Zappa: Real Mother
By Charles Shaar Murray, pp 32-39

Finnish translation (by Petri Silas) from Mojo, January 2004.