In Italy, the primary organizing principale for il gente afficianado por musica Americana is a monthly magazine entitled questo: Buscadero. Run by a guy who started a similar magazine back in the early 70s and evolved into a specialty mail order record store for all things American roots, and eventually re-enlisted with Buscadero. It's essential from promoting your concerts, albums, so forth. Their top ten albums of the month get called, I swear to God, 'Junior Bonner's Choice.'  (True West Magazine)
The word "Buscadero" is of Spanish origin. [...] Buscudero, then, could be translated as either the one who haunted or the one who was haunted. In the last mentioned sense it became current [...] as the general name for the outlaws. (Ed McGivern's Book of Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting, p. 375)

1994 January

Vol. 14 No. 143


Frank Zappa: Un ricordo
pp 36-40

Frank Zappa special – excerpts from The Real Frank Zappa Book, photos by Guido Harari and reminisces by Guido Giazzi, Paolo Carù, Riccardo Bertoncelli, Davide Sapienza, Peppo Delconte, Piero Tarantola and Guido Harari.

This month's Junior Bonner's Choice includes Yellow Shark, 4 stars. (page 5)



2018 May

Vol. 38 No. 411


Frank Zappa At The Roxy
By Dave Alvin, pp 38-40

Google translate: To tell the uniqueness of Frank Zappa's concerts collected in The Roxy Performances , we host the memory of a boy who over the years would first become the guitarist of an extraordinary rock'n'roll band and then one of the most important American songwriters, with a lot of Grammys on the wall. Yes, it seems strange to see in Dave Alvin a big fan of Frank Zappa, given the generational, stylistic and existential differences, but the common ground is not only that of South California. (read more)

pp 38-39 p 40

Source: Fulvio Fiore